The Face of Food: Commodity Crops Part 2


A man bringing his rice harvest in from the field, Hoa Binh Province, Vietnam


This beautiful lady is Quyet. Hoa Binh Province, Vietnam. Her name means brave in Vietnamese. She is growing her rice without the use of insecticides. In 2013 her workers experienced skin rashes during harvest and she vowed to stop using them.


Two workers harvesting rice from a sunken paddy, Hoa Binh Province, Vietnam. Many of the farms in this village are small and some are subsistence farms. To off set costs the villagers have cooperatively purchased threshing machines that move from field to field as needed.


A “grandma” harvesting coffee berries in Inthanon, Thailand. While staying in Inthanon I was invited to join these two ladies in their early morning harvest.


“Grandma” number two in Inthanon, Thailand. Though we had no language in common, we passed the morning pleasantly in the shade of the forest. Laughing at our attempts at communication.


Ripened coffee beans on display in a hard working hand. Inthanon, Thailand


Rabi Kahn using cows to flatten his paddy before planting rice, Banijan village, Bangladesh. The tool he is using is made out of bamboo and he uses his own weight to create pressure as the animals pull it along.


A man on his way out to the paddy soon after planting time, Banijan village, Bangladesh.


A worker planting rice transplants in late January, Tarua, Bangladesh.


A worker going home for lunch at a Rice Boiling Plant, Ashugang, Bangladesh. Workers live on site in small one room living quarters.


Young children vying for attention at the Rice Boiler Plant in Ashugang, Bangladesh. Workers families share the living quarters and children often begin to work part time at the age of 10.


Workers raking the boiled paddy, Rice Boiler Plant, Ashugang, Bangladesh. After the paddy has been soaked and boiled, it is laid out in the sun to dry for several days. During this time it is continuously raked to speed drying.


A young boy working hard to sweep up stray paddy, Rice Boiler Plant, Ashugang, Bangladesh,


A young girl, daughter of one of the workers, Rice Boiler Plant, Ashugang, Bangladesh.


Workers rake the paddy with their feet at a much smaller Rice Boiling Plant, Banijan village, Bangladesh


Badana cleaning her rice in the traditional way, Banijan village, Bangladesh.


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