The Face of Food: Commodity Crops Part 1


Helen from The Kindling Trust, Manchester England. The Kindling Trust is a non profit organization dedicated to fairness, equality and democracy determined to reclaim their local food system.


A field worker taking a break in Wigan Borough, Greater Manchester


Bakhshish Singh, Punjab, India. He grows wheat, mustard, vegetables, fodder and linseed and recently converted 1/3 of his farm to organic practices.


Sohan Singh, Punjab, India, He is stirring his Jeev Amrit, a local type of Effective Micro Organism Brew.


Sohan and Lakhwinder Singh, Punjab India. These brothers collectively farm 60 acres of sugar beets, wheat, sugar cane, and animal fodder and are slowly converting their farm to organic.


Karnaljit Singh and his wife at their small organic wheat farm in Punjab, India. Karnaljit has started a local group to promote Natural Farming methods.


A man making jaggery in Mandalay, Myanmar. Jaggery is a traditional cane sugar found through out South East Asia.


A farm worker boiling sugar cane juice to make jaggery in Punjab, India. This shot was taken at The Bhagat Puran Singh Zero Budget Natural Farm. The farm supports Pingalwara, a home for more than 1,500 people.


Boi, a young Muong farmer in Hoa Binh Province, Vietnam. Boi has her own small farm producing sugar and vegetables. She also works for CECAD, a non profit dedicated to the future economic stability of ethnic tribal groups.


Another young Muong farmer in the Hoa Binh Province of Vietnam. He is pointing out a disease that is decreasing his sugar cane yields.


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