I am offering organic agricultural consulting services to farms both large and small scale, farm to table restaurants, schools focusing on agriculture or sustainable development and any other organizations that may be interested. I have more than 10 years of experience managing farms in the US as well my travel and research abroad. I am offering these services anywhere in the world on a sliding pay scale.


Services I can offer:

~ Course Work: Both course work design and teaching, including but not limited to; pesticide safety, worker safety, food safety, seed saving, composting, proper harvest, storage and transportation techniques, low budget and low water usage techniques, soil improvement, composting solutions, pest management advice, season extension, etc.

~ Compost Management: Design and build for various types of composting programs that deal with the unique needs of a property. Also provide instruction on fertigation brews such as compost tea or Effective Microorganisms.

~Structural Design: Plan and build structures, including greenhouses, cold frames and other season extenders from recycled, local, natural or purchased materials.

~ Creative Farm Design: Help taking advantage of what your sight has to offer whether it be on a rooftop, in a bunker or in the lush countryside; setting up aquaponics systems, artificial light systems, vertical growing, rain collection and much more.

~ Business Plans: Help to decide what type of model would work best for your enterprise and community and assist with creating a multi-year business plan for your farm.

~ Crop Planning: Write multi-year crop plans with planting, seeding, amendment and harvest schedules that utilize proper rotation for soil improvement and disease prevention, as well as maximizing yields. These plans are easily tailored to meet the needs of even the most unique property.

~ Transitioning to Organic: Assist in creating long term plans to help farms to transition to Organic practices while limiting financial loss.


If you are interested in my services or have any other questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch. I can also provide a copy of my resume upon request.

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